Schaeffer's Ultra Red Supreme 229 Synthetic Blend Extreme Pressure Grease 14oz


Recommended for anti-friction bearings, babbit bearings, pins and bushings, fifth wheels, and chassis points. Not recommended for use in electric motor bearings, and passenger car automotive wheel bearings.

Multi-purpose grease blended from the finest select high viscosity index solvent refined, severely hydro-finished 100% pure paraffin base oils and PAO synthetic base fluids. Contains adhesive-cohesive polymer that makes the grease tacky to stay put in hard-to-lubricate applications. Incorporates an aluminum base thickener, which means it won't wash out of bearings.

• Reduces friction and wear, which leads to less downtime

• Withstands higher heat range than conventional greases - up to 250˚F higher

• Exceptional adhesive properties - resists washout, doesn't pound out or splatter

• Hand pumpable in temperatures as low as 30˚F for #2 and 10˚F for #1

• Retains grease-like consistency during periods of severe mechanical action

14 oz. (396.9g)

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